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Top 200+ General Knowledge Questions & Answers about INDIA (GK) everyone should know about.

These questions are very common & easy and are very helpful for enhancing the general knowledge of a person about INDIA.

These facts include some basic questions and answers about ministries, national things, geography, sports, education, science & more.

  1. Who is the Finance Minister of India (as of 2023)?

    Answer: Nirmala Sitharaman
  2. Who is the Minister of Education (as of 2023)?

    Answer: Dharmendra Pradhan
  3. Who is the Foreign Minister of India (as of 2023)?

    Answer: Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
  4. Who is India’s Home Minister (as of 2023)?

    Answer: Amit Shah
  5. Who is the President of India (as of 2023)?

    Answer: Droupadi Murmu
  6. Who is the Vice President of India (as of 2023)?

    Answer: Jagdeep Dhankhar
  7. Who is the Prime Minister of India (as of 2023)?

    Answer: Narendra Modi
  8. Who is the Minister of Defence (as of 2023)?

    Answer: Shri Rajnath Singh
  9. How many cricket world cups has India won?

    Answer: Two world cups
  10. Who called Muazzam as Shah-i-Bekhabar?

    Answer: Kafi Khan
  11. Which is the national fruit of India?

    Answer: Mango
  12. Which pass links Srinagar to Leh?

    Answer: Zoji La Pass
  13. Who was the first Indian to crack the British Indian Civil Services Examination for the first time in Indian History?

    Answer: Satyendranath Tagore
  14. Who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution?

    Answer: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
  15. Which is the national bird of India?

    Answer: Peacock
  16. Who was the alter ego of Tipu Sultan during the Treaty of Seringapatam?

    Answer: Lord Dalhousie
  17. What was the Rigvedic name of the river Ravi?

    Answer: Parushni
  18. What newspaper was started by Annie Besant?

    Answer: New India
  19. What are the legislative contributions of Raja Rammohan Roy?

    Answer: Abolition of sati
  20. Which event was the reason for the withdrawn of the non-cooperation movement?

    Answer: Gandhi’s Imprisonment