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Top 100+ Easy General Knowledge Questions (GK) & Answers everyone should know about. These questions are very easy & basic and can be very helpful for enhancing the general knowledge of kids or students of any age or grade.

  1. Which is the tallest animal on the earth?

    Answer: Giraffes
  2. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

    Answer: Aravali Mountains
  3. Who was known as the Indian Napoleon?

    Answer: Samudra Gupta
  4. Which is the hardest substance available on earth?

    Answer: Diamond
  5. Which is the instrument used to measure blood pressure?

    Answer: Sphygmomanometer
  6. Where is Lake Loktak situated?

    Answer: Manipur
  7. Who was the first Indian to have won the Nobel Prize?

    Answer: Rabindranath Tagore
  8. Which is the largest continent in the world?

    Answer: Asia
  9. Which state is the biggest in the US?

    Answer: Alaska
  10. Which is the largest freshwater lake in India?

    Answer: wular Lake
  11. Which is the capital of India?

    Answer: New Delhi
  12. Which animal is known as the ‘Ship of the Desert”?

    Answer: Camel
  13. Which is the tallest mountain in the world?

    Answer: Mount Everest
  14. Which is the popular name for the Indian islands on the Arabian Sea?

    Answer: Lakshadweep Islands
  15. Which is the largest state of India?

    Answer: Rajasthan
  16. Who discovered Penicillin in 1928?

    Answer: Alexander Fleming
  17. Who is the world’s fastest land animal?

    Answer: Cheetah
  18. Who is the founder of Microsoft?

    Answer: Bill Gates
  19. The national river of India?

    Answer: Ganga
  20. Who was the first American president?

    Answer: George Washington