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In this post, I will provide you the LNMU BSc Part 2 Mathematics honours question paper for the examination held from November to December 2020. You will get all the question papers in both web page & pdf formats, and Hindi, English languages.

LNMU BSc Part 2 Mathematics Honours Objective & Subjective question paper

The LNMU (Lalit Narayan Mithila University) conducted BA BSc Part 2 Examination from 25 November 2020 to 17 December 2020. In this examination, the honors paper contained both subjective and objective questions whereas the subsidiary paper contained the objective questions only.

After downloading the question paper, you will be able to analyze the 2020 Exam question’s pattern and difficulty level, and it can be very helpful in preparation for your Examination.

LNMU BSc Part 2 Mathematics Honours Question Paper (III) 2020 Exam

Honours Paper (III) Part 2
Full Marks: 90
Pass Marks: 42

Answer any 6 Questions

  1. (a) State and prove Leibnitz’s theorem to find the nth derivative of a product of two functions of x.

    (b) If y1/m + y-1/m = 2x, prove that (x2 – 1)yn+2 + (2n + 1)xyn+1 + (n2 – m2)yn = 0.
  2. (a) State and prove Euler’s theorem on homogenous functions of two independent variables.
    Download pdf for more questions…

LNMU Part-2 Mathematics Honours 2020 Question Paper(III)

LNMU Part-2 Mathematics Honours 2020 Question Paper(IV)

University Name:- Lalit Narayan Mithila University
Course:- B.Sc Degree part 2
Admit Card release date:- 16 November 2020
Examination Start Date:- 25 November
Exam Type:- Degree Part-2 Theory Examination (Annual)
Paper: Mathematics Honours Paper (III)
Session:- 2018-21
Official Website:- http://www.lnmuuniversity.in