• Post last modified:July 14, 2023
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  1. Siler niser, which was seen in the news, belongs which species?

    1. Turtle
    2. Spider
    3. Snake
    4. Gecko
    Answer: Spider
  2. ‘Gooty-Pendekallu Line’ which was seen in the news, is a part of which railway link?

    1. Hyderabad-Bengaluru railway link
    2. Mumbai-Bengaluru railway link
    3. Mumbai-Chennai railway link
    4. Delhi-Jaipur railway link
    Answer: Hyderabad-Bengaluru railway link
  3. India recently signed a ‘Defence Cooperation Agreement’ with which European country?

    1. Malta
    2. Romania
    3. Finland
    4. Denmark
    Answer: Romania
  4. Which country’s Scientists have found about the ancient marsupial named ‘Mukupirna fortidentata’ which lived 25 million years ago?

    1. USA
    2. China
    3. Australia
    4. Greece
    Answer: Australia
  5. Hong Kong flu pandemic was caused due to which type of Influenza?

    1. Influenza A (H3N2) virus
    2. Influenza A (H1N1) virus
    3. Influenza B
    4. Influenza H5N1 virus
    Answer: Influenza A (H3N2) virus
  6. India inaugurated the first cross-border energy pipeline with which country?

    1. Sri Lanka
    2. Bangladesh
    3. China
    4. Myanmar
    Answer: Bangladesh
  7. Which country based laboratory released the study titled “Pathways to Atmanirbhar Bharat”?

    1. UK
    2. USA
    3. Australia
    4. France
    Answer: USA
  8. A recent report has found that increasing global temperatures could result in more occurrences of which phenomenon?

    1. Hot lightning strikes
    2. Thunderstorms
    3. Floods
    4. Earthquakes
    Answer: Hot lightning strikes
  9. Which state is the host of the ‘Global Responsible Tourism Summit’?

    1. Sikkim
    2. Kerala
    3. Goa
    4. Himachal Pradesh
    Answer: Kerala
  10. The government has scrapped the long-term capital gains treatment for income from which type of mutual fund?

    1. Equity Funds
    2. Debt Funds
    3. Index Funds
    4. ELSS Funds
    Answer: Debt Funds
  11. Tamil Nadu brown moray, which was discovered recently, belongs to which species?

    1. Gecko
    2. Eel
    3. Spider
    4. Snake
    Answer: Eel
  12. Thiania indica, which was discovered recently, belongs to which species?

    1. Snake
    2. Spider
    3. Turtle
    4. Gecko
    Answer: Spider
  13. Treesa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand, who were in the news recently, play which sports?

    1. Tennis
    2. Squash
    3. Badminton
    4. Table-Tennis
    Answer: Badminton
  14. ‘SAMARTH scheme’, which was seen in the news, is associated with which Ministry?

    1. Ministry of Textiles
    2. Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
    3. Ministry of Home Affairs
    4. Ministry of Defence
    Answer: Ministry of Textiles
  15. ‘Oxford Union Debate’ is a prestigious debating society based in which country?

    1. USA
    2. UK
    3. India
    4. Australia
    Answer: UK
  16. In parliamentary language, what is the name of official of the party who is authorized to issue directions?

    1. Whip
    2. Mentor
    3. Lead
    4. Speaker
    Answer: Whip